What is Disability?

What is Disability?

What is Disability?

Disability does not depend on a human being. But obstacles hinder people with an impairment.

These are people who, for example, cannot see well, go bad or hear badly.

An example:

A blind person needs a blind traffic light. Then he can walk across the street alone. Or he needs a ballot slip in the blind script. Then he can choose alone.

Often there are no blind traffic lights. There are no election papers in the blind script. This hinders the blind man.

Who is a disabled person?

There are people who can, for example, go bad or not at all. You cannot see well, hear badly. You can learn badly. Or they are mentally ill.

Or they are chronically ill. Or they have the disease AIDS. Or they are old and can walk badly.

In the world, there are many obstacles for these people. Because of the obstacles, they cannot participate equally in the life of society.

People used to think, disability is a disease. The illness was then the problem of the sick person.

Today we say: If a ramp is missing, it hinders people in wheelchairs. If there is no information in easy language, it hinders people with learning difficulties.

The state and society must overcome the obstacles. Then people with disabilities can participate more and more everywhere.

More than half a year, people may be worse off, worse at seeing, hearing, or thinking that other people their age. For example, a cross-sectional paralysis is a disability. People cannot participate in society because of their disability.

This law is important. When people have a disability, the state supports them. For example, he pays the wheelchair for people who cannot walk.

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