About Us

About Us

Mandatory Care Services (MCS) is a group of individuals who are putting their efforts to provide finest quality services to those who want to be a productive part of the local community despite any kind of disability.

We are a community based company who help people with disability to access a wide range of services like Community accss (community based programs), short stay accommodation related coordination and support, Development – Life skills, Assistance in Travelling/Transportation and Assistance in Life Stage Transition.

We are located at Mayfield, NSW supporting people with disability and their families residing in Local Government Areas (LGA) of Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Dungog, Maitland and Cessnock. We work closely and in collaboration with business and community organizations in these LGAs.

We support our clients under the National Disability Scheme (NDIS) in the best possible manner. Our director and team is skilled and experienced in delivering the services according to NDIS standards. We plan and develop customized direction route map for the participants based on their specific needs and wants

Our Vision

To make Australia a country where disable people get equal opportunity to be productive and live their lives based on their own choices.

Our Mission

“To empower people with disability in society by delivering them high quality support and services, opening up the window of opportunities for them to live independently so that they can effectively contribute and participate in the prosperity of the society”

Our Values


We are here to listen your views and opinions and give you the support to make your decisions fruitful for you.


We keep our promises and are always open to criticism that can benefit the organization to perform better. We deliver what we promise.


We firmly believe that trust is the basis of our relationship in the long-term. We compose all our efforts to keep everything related to our participants confidential and private

Development & Improvement

We love to hear from you in order to excel more and more. We appreciate the feedback from our participants which help us in doing best for them at every progressive step.

Harmonious Environment

We believe that harmony among all members plays a vital role to provide best quality services and support to the participants.

MCS Disability Services

MCS proudly announces that we put our clients first in all cases and provide them highest quality services by following National Disability Service Standards.

Our customized and tailored approach to your goals in the light of these standards can get the best resulted services which will not only help you to grow but also play its part in the success of a nation. These standards guide us to give you confidence to know exactly what you can expect from us.

MCS aims to make a difference in the life of all our participants with disability and the people around us for their betterment and development of the communities with which they relate to.

MCS will give you a personalized and individualized experience focused on your objectives of choosing the program.  We are focused on giving you a platform where we empower you choosing to do the things that are important to you.

National Disability Service Standards

Standard 1 – Rights

At Mandatory Care Services, it is important to us that you know and understand your rights, so we are here to support you and to provide encouragement, guidance and assistance in any choices that you make.

People with a disability have the right to respect, right to dignity and to full participation in society. You will receive a service that allows you to maximize your choices for social participation and cultural inclusion.

We respect your right to privacy and confidentiality of any personal information and records, and will uphold your right to make decisions including medical treatment or other interventions.
It is also your right to try new things, and we will assist you to do so whilst ensuring that you are treated fairly and independently.

We welcome your right to talk freely and express your thoughts, opinions and choices. Therefore, MCS will listen to you and support the choices you make, and we will include your family and carers if and when you want them to be included.

Standard 2 – Participation & Inclusion

At Mandatory Care Services our aim is to help people to understand their rights, one of which is being a valued member of their community. We will provide any assistance needed for anyone to participate actively and meaningfully and we can develop connections within the community to help you to do this.

We want you to make the most of the disability service and to not only take part but feel included as a valued member and it is your right to decide when and how you do this. As well as it being your right to decide when and how you have contact with your family and friends.

Mandatory Care Services will support you and help you to take part within the community of your choice, whilst getting to know you and the things you like to do.

We promise to work with you, your family and carers if you choose so, as well as with organisations within the community if that is what will help you.

At Mandatory Care Services, we will also respect your cultural background and understand the needs and requirements that may come with it.

Standard 3 – Individual Outcomes

At Mandatory Care Services, you can make your own choices about what you want to do and set your own goals. We will support the choices you make and we will be there every step of the way to help you to work towards those goals in the way that you want to. By working with you independently we can assist you in reaching your goals and we will offer guidance and help you to recognise your strengths and weaknesses so you may learn and develop skills to help you achieve those goals and set even more.

By recognising where you need extra support we are able to communicate with other services, if that is what you need to reach your goals.

We will respect your right to seek support from others, whether that is your family, friends or an advocate of your choice.

At Mandatory Care Services, we will work fairly with you as an individual irrespective of age, gender, cultural background or sexuality.

Standard 4 – Feedback & Complaints

It is important to us that you feel free to tell us what you think about the services we offer and we promise to listen to you. It is your right to share your thoughts and opinions on anything related to the services we offer, your feedback, whether it is good or bad, can only help us to improve our services and we welcome it, without discrimination or negative consequences. We will keep you informed throughout the complaints process and inform you of the outcome and the reasons behind it. We are therefore prepared to change the way things work in order to continuously improve our services.

You have every right to seek the support from another person, whether that means a family member, carer or support person such as the Ombudsman, a lawyer or an advocate – whatever the issue, we will do everything in our power to solve the problem for you and to improve our services.

Standard 5 – Service Access

You have every right to seek and find the service you need and have access to the support you require fairly and equally.

Feel free to ask about using any services and if it is not available, the reasons why will be explained clearly to you.

We will be here to assist anyone enquiring about our services, with support and advice if needed or a referral to an alternative service if required.

At Mandatory Care Services your feedback and opinions about our services are important, and we do make improvements based on your ideas. If you would like to offer your feedback, please email us at feedback@mandatorycareservices.com.au

We understand that everyone communicates in different ways, we have a variety of ways that you can communicate with us safely, without discrimination and in privacy.

Standard 6 – Service Management

As a community focused company, we will always endeavour to meet service standards and maintain excellent service management by working closely with our participants to strengthen our systems and to ensure positive outcomes from any problems that may arise.

We believe excellent staff and training, continuous improvement of services from your feedback, good working processes and excellent communication between the team and participants are all key to our service management.

By being responsive to your feedback and as well as the opinions of other people with disabilities, families and carers, this can help us to continuously improve our programs and maintain the high-quality service that we offer.

At Mandatory Care Services our Founder and Director possess the skills and experience to fulfil the company’s responsibilities and who will monitor the effectiveness of the organisation’s governance, policies and practices and makes changes as needed.

Did you know?

MCS runs a photography and art and craft studio?


MCS Working With You

We have lots of ways of communicating with you; through our regular newsletters, face-to-face meetings, annual personal development, planning meetings and occasional surveys for your feedback on our services – letting us know how we can improve.

Plus we’ll work with you on a day-to-day basis through the services you choose to use.

Individual Plans

At MCS we tailor our plans when working with you so they are person-centred and individualised. We record and monitor your goals and aspirations and work with you using different strategies so you can achieve them.

We will offer you guidance and assistance when you need it so you can achieve your goals and we will work closely with you, your carers or family members to give direction making it sure that we are all working towards the same goals.

We do this by laying out an individual plan for you, obviously this is subject to change depending on its purpose or indeed its level of achievement, but in essence your goals represent independence, providing meaning and satisfaction as a human being.

Individual plan focuses on:

The individual

Flexibility to change depending upon the individual’s progress and other factors

Personal goals and aspirations

Unique skills and strengths

Promoting and supporting independence